Welcome to the Clearwater Sail and Power Squadron a unit of United States Power Squadrons® We are America’s Boating Club. Clearwater Sail and Power Squadron 1000 Cleveland Street Clearwater, Florida 33755-4515 (727) 441-8775 Info@clearwaterpowersquadron.org Florida State Approved Public AMERICA’S BOATING COURSE (Click here for details) The United States Power Squadrons is America’s Boating Club.  Organized in 1914, the United States Power Squadrons® (USPS) is a non profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects. It has nearly 28,000 members organized into districts and over 350 squadrons across the country and in some US territories. It is America's largest non-profit boating organization and has been honored by three US presidents for its civic contributions.  The USPS mission is to promote recreational boating skills and boating safety through education, hands-on training and civic activities while providing fellowship for members. The national organization is responsible for the overall management and day-to-day administrative business requirements of the organization.  National is organized into districts for the purpose of better coordination and communication between the local squadrons and national levels.  Squadrons are located in geographical areas and report to a specific district.  A squadron teaches safe boating courses and participates in both member and civic events.  See the National website to learn more about the purpose of the USPS, Districts and Squadrons. The Clearwater Sail and Power Squadron is an all volunteer non-profit organization. The squadron is a member of District 22, a unit of United States Power Squadrons®.  The squadron is located in Clearwater, Florida on central Florida's Gulf coast and has been serving the Clearwater area since 1948. Every month our members participate in a wide assortment of activities which include: Teaching educational programs emphasizing boating skills, seminars, Vessel Safety Checks, organizational activities, local boating trips and participating in local community civic events which endorse boating skills. There are many benefits to being a USPS member, such as free education, USPS boat insurance discounts, discounts on MapTech, and the Ensign Magazine®, just to name a few. Go to USPS Benefits page for a complete list. If you would like to became a member in our great organization, take one of the many classes we offer or have a general question, please contact us at  Info@clearwaterpowersquadron.org and we will give you a prompt reply. Or, call (727) 441- 8775 and leave a message and we will call you back. View a map showing  directions to our squadron and the surrounding area. For specific information, feel free to contact any of our bridge or committee members. America’s Boating Club® is a trademark of the United States power Squadrons®
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