America’s Boating Club®


Clearwater Sail and Power Squadron

The United States Power Squadrons® is America’s Boating Club.  America’s Boating Club is a nation-wide boating organization.  We learn together, boat together, and help each other and other boaters on the water and on land.  Our members learn boating skills, engage with boating friends, and connect with the boating community. 

The Clearwater Sail and Power Squadron is following National’s guidance as we transition from our traditional logo and actual name to the new logo and the words America’s Boating Club®.  During the transition, both logos and the words America’s Boating Club® along with United States Power Squadrons® are used.

The new America’s Boating Clubs® image reflects everything we do including boating with friends, dynamic learning experiences, helping other boaters, and enjoying the boating lifestyle together.  As one squadron put it: Let’s live the logo.

America’s Boating Club® is a more descriptive, modern, and dynamic title that encompasses boating fun, learning boating skills, and working to improve the boating experience.

Now, squadrons can better leverage the strength of the national image along with their local flavor and identity to improve boating skills and experiences for everyone.

Members are proud of our heritage and the new look.  We welcome individual’s to join our squadron and also become a part of America’s Boating Club®.

At Clearwater Sail and Power Squadron:  We Are America’s Boating Club®.

America’s Boating Club® is a trademark of the United States power Squadrons®.